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Commonly asked questions about the MMEC . . .

Q. What benefits are included once I pay the initial Private Lesson registration fee ?
A. The one-time registration fee entitles our students to :

  1. Complimentary Menchey Music T-shirt
  2. 10% discount on music and accessories while enrolled in the program
  3. Priority 7 day repair service from Menchey Music Service with pick up and delivery to MMEC -- plus loaner instrument while your instrument is being repaired
  4. Convenient access to printed music and most instruments & accessories
  5. Safe, well lit studios with ample parking
  6. Access to intermediate and professional instruments

Q. How much should I expect to pay for lessons ?
A. The instructors who work at the MMEC are independent contractors and they set own rates and payment policies for musical instruction. Individual teaching rates are listed in the teacher biographies on the Looking4lessons™ website .

Q. How are teachers chosen to teach in the MMEC ?
A. Our teachers our carefully screened and chosen to give you the most professional music instruction possible.

Q. What age should my child begin taking lessons?
A. Generally, piano is a good beginning instrument for children. Most teachers will accept beginners as young as 2nd grade, or age 7. Most instrumental teachers (percussion, brass, woodwinds & strings) prefer that children be in at least the 4th grade, or age 9. The teenage years, after children’s voices change, is a good time to begin voice lessons. This varies slightly from teacher to teacher. Our private instructors list their beginning student ages in their respective biographies on the Looking4Lessons™ website.

Q. Do you offer lessons for adults?
A. Yes! It's never too late to learn to play an instrument.

Q. How do I get started with lessons!
A. To register for lessons, click here to use the Looking4Lessons™ website. For more detailed questions, please call the MMEC directly at 1-888-MENCHEY Ext. 300.

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