Welcome to the most competitive and flexible musical instrument rental program in the area! 

Our instrument rental program is a very easy and flexible way for students to get started playing an instrument. Upon reserving an instrument from us online, Menchey Music will send you a copy of the rental agreement.


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We recommend that you start with a "like new" grade instrument when your child is beginning instrumental music. This allows them time to learn how to care for their instrument and decide if they want to continue playing. If they continue to play you can apply 100% of your monthly payments towards a "New" Student OR Performance Level instrument within the first 12 months. We reserve the right to make an instrument grade substitution in your order to avoid delaying the start of your lessons. 

NOTE : It is very important that you select the correct School District / School to ensure that your child receives the correct instructional book and receives his/her delivery on the correct date.  
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