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Accent ACC705 Tuner & Metronome with Korg Clip-on Contact Mic

Price: $35.98

Menchey Music exclusive package deal! This combines the Accent ACC705 tuner & metronome with a Korg CM300BK contact clip-on microphone. The contact microphone enhances the vibrations from the instrument when tuning to provide a more accurate reading.

This metronome/tuner combo has all the features you want at a great price.
Metronome - Accents downbeat and tempo from 30 to 250 BPM, large color LCD meter, beat sounds on/off, backlit screen.

Tuner - automatic and chromatic, built-in microphone and jack for electronic instruments. Calibrate from A=430 to 450Hz. Tuning Range Ao to C8.

The CM-300 is a clip-type contact microphone that attaches directly to your instrument. It uses a piezo element that sends the vibrations of your instrument directly to your tuner. Even when you're in an environment with high ambient sound, such as a large ensemble, this mic allows high-precision tuning.

The shape of the cable's strain relief where it joins the unit has been modified for increased durability in comparison to the previous model, and sound transmission performance has been further improved.

Model: ACC705PKG
Manufacturer: Menchey

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