Instrument Rentals

Menchey Music Service offers the best, most flexible rental programs in the region. Parents have raved about the flexibility, the quality and the ease of use, stating that "we've made it very simple for their beginner to get started in music." We offer two types of rental plans :
  • Rental Purchase Program - In this program, the student rents the instrument he or she will ultimately purchase. The agreement specifies a predetermined number of payments to purchase the instrument.

  • Rent Only with Purchase Option - Student rents a used instrument and may apply payments toward the purchase of a new instrument.

We offer these plans on the following types of instruments :

Band and Orchestra
Menchey Music offers both a Rental Purchase plan (most common) and a Rent with Purchase Option plan. Both plans offer the following:

  • Educator recommended brands (ie Yamaha, King, Accent, Selmer, Knilling, Eastman).

  • Instrument Switching -- with the teacher's permission, Menchey Music allows students to switch instruments, applying switching credits from the original instrument.

  • Step up instrument conversion -- students have the right at any time to "step up" to a performance grade instrument, applying credit from the student instrument to the performance grade instrument.

Acoustic Guitar
Menchey Music offers an acoustic guitar rental program that utilizes the Rent with Purchase Option Program. Since most guitar players typically progress to a better guitar within a short period of time, this program was designed to allow the student to rent while learning and apply those payments to a better guitar (or another student guitar). This program offers quality brand name guitars with durable cases.

Piano & Keyboard
Menchey Music Service offers a Piano Rent with Purchase Option for pianos. Similar to the guitar rental program, the piano program allows the student to learn on a quality instrument and apply rental payments toward the purchase of a new digital or acoustic piano.

Menchey also offers a digital keyboard rent to own

Monthly rates and trial periods vary based on instrument brand and grade (new versus like new) and are extremely competitive with similar quality rental plans.